Pete and Mike

Growing up in the little community was a great experience. Most of the people who lived there were wholesome, decent folk. My two cousins, twin boys named Pete and Mike were not anything of the such. My dad’s younger brother did not have the child rearing skills my dad possessed, and this showed through with his kids. In fact, I don’t know where he got his parenting skills, or if he had any at all.

My uncle never showed any compassion for the boys, forcing them to work by his side, but rarely showing any love towards them made the boys as cruel as the father.  Even when they were infants, their mom would force them to go outdoors on the coldest days, locking the door behind them so that she could clean house. Their parents swore and cussed at them on a regular basis, and there was nothing that they could do right.

When the twins reached puberty, the rough upbringing began to take its toll. Vain and cruel, the twins used women for whatever they wished. They had the good looks to get away with this. The two of them, virtually identical, looked like young Tom Sellecks, which came in handy in their many escapades with women. Even at a very young age, the boys appeared to be much older. When they were 13, they had a young woman live in the same room their parents had sectioned off for them, and they both dated her at the same time.

On one occasion, the two pretended to be only one. Pete had picked up a girl from the bar (they frequented bars from the time they were 15 years old) and brought her home to his parent’s house.  Pete took the girl to his bedroom and made love to her, only to get up to use the washroom (that’s what he told the girl), and then Mike had his turn at the woman. They pulled this charade on many women, until they got caught once. The girl who caught them in their trick spread a viscous rumor that one of them had AIDS, but she wasn’t sure which one. That brought an end to their player days. The locals at the bars just didn’t want to take a chance. Mike left the province, met someone in Ontario, swearing never to return again. Pete married locally, had a few kids, and got a job here in town.

Today I met Pete’s son. Talk about a chip off the old block. Arrogant, rude, and unemotional as hell, just like his dad. They say that he is a pile of trouble, and that he has little respect for women. I wonder why? The Chain of Abuse, that’s why.



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