uncle wish

When my dad was 21, he made a terrible decision. he and one of my uncles decided to venture into the woods without telling anybody where they were going. Neither of them were dressed very well, choosing only to wear a button shirt and jeans. This was in Late October, and back in the day, Newfoundland weather was quite unforgiving that particular time of year. The two of them ended up getting lost. They were missing for several hours, and my grandmother’s brother Wish (short for Aloysius) set out to find the boys.

Wish was an excellent tracker, and it only took a few hours for him to pick up their trail. When he found them, they were shivering cold. My dad was dealing with hypothermia and nearly dead. My Uncle Wish carefully wrapped my dad in a warm coat that he had been wearing, lit a fire, and warmed the two boys until they were fit to travel.

My uncle Wish later married and raised a large family. throughout the years, that family suffered many tragedies, such as the drowning of the oldest son and just recently, a suicide of one of the younger girls.

Two weeks ago he entered the hospital for surgery to remove an aneurism. The doctors said that it was routine surgery and everything should be alright. During the surgery something went wrong. They successfully removed the aneurism, but when they went to close him up the doctor noticed a large tumor on his kidneys. In an attempt to remove the tumor, my uncle suffered from a blood clot that was heading to his heart. To battle this, the doctor chose to remove my uncle’s leg. That still did not stop the clot, his kidneys failed, and he ended up on life support. Today my Uncle Wish was taken off of life support. He has only hours before he passes on.

This life we lead is so precious. It can be taken from us so suddenly. We must value the life we have because none of us know exactly how much time we have. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of my Uncle Wish.

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