Dandelions: The King of Weeds

Summertime! This year it is here early. Hopefully the glorious weather can continue. The above photo was taken in Bowring Park in St. John’s in May of 2010,  a few days before we left the city and returned home to the west coast of the island, with Boots, my Terrier-Sheltie mix,  smiling for the camera

I mowed the lawn last evening, the second time in two weeks. The grass was looking great, I was just bragging that there were practically no weeds to be seen. Waking up this morning, I was greeted by a million dandelion flowers. In a wild fury, those cute yellow devils took over my lovely lawn. Despite their beauty, they are weeds, and too many dandelions can destroy a beautiful lawn in no time at all. Still, there is nothing like running barefoot through a sea of dandelion flowers…in somebody else’s yard.

Today I armed myself with a weed puller and a bottle of environmentally friendly weed killer. I donned my garden clothing (rubber boots and an old ball hat) and I set out to battle the dandelion invasion.  I now have 120 holes in my yard where the flowers once grew. Next step, fill the holes and re-seed. Ah Summer!

Now if I can only get my neighbors to do the same!

This is my entry into this week’s trifecta challenge. The word this week is Wild (Adjective)

3 thoughts on “Dandelions: The King of Weeds

  1. It’s a noble fight, even if it’s one we can never win! They were imported from Europe and apparently like it waaay better here than they did there. I hope your lawn remains weed free for at least some decent interval!

  2. Annebelle is right. They were brought over from England because a lady thought they were “pretty”. If we ever find out who this lady is, her name will forever be damned to hell. 😉

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