The Soundtrack of our lives

For Guapola

I was bustling down the highway the other day with my car stereo turned full blast. I was playing George Thorogood’s latest album 2120 South Michigan Ave, with the song ‘Chicago Bound‘ blasting through the Toyota’s  speakers, pounding my fists on the steering wheel in time with the bass, not paying particular attention to the speed I was going. A cop pulled me over.

“Why you going so fast?” he asked

“Fast? I was going fast? I didn’t realize it, I was listening to the rocking blues beat of Thorogood and I guess I got carried away.” I told him, not really realizing that I could get a ticket.

“You like Thorogood? Me too! I am a fan” He said. I wondered if this was real, or whether I was still zoned out in the perfect mix of sax, drums and guitar.

“What album you listening to?” he asked. When I told him, he said that he didn’t have that one yet, but he would definitely be buying it at day’s end. I hoped it wouldn’t be with my ticket money.

“I will give you a warning for today, but in the future, try to pay more attention to the road and less on that wicked rock n roll music!” he said. “It’s bad for your soul you know!” he warned. Was this the 50’s or 2012? Either way it was cool and I knew I had to write a post about this experience, this Rock n Roll experience!

In the time we were talking, the song changed to George’s version of Willie Dixon’s ‘Seventh Son‘.  The cop tapped his fingers to the beat on my car’s roof , and he says “Damn that’s good stuff”

George moved to his rendition of Berry’s ‘Let it Rock‘ as the cop drove off. I continued on home, feeling lucky not to get a ticket, and feeling like a Rock n Roll rebel as I sped home in my Toyota.  Hey, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, as long as you know how to Rock & Roll! Ya Baby!

6 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of our lives

  1. I have yet to be saved from a ticket by music. But they have just looked at me and taken pity…
    Rock on, SnB, and good to know you have cool cops (with musical taste as good as yours) up in New Foundland!

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