Trifecta: Finally…a job for the invisible man

While searching through various job ads ( Part of my job is to seek out and post summer job openings for students here at the high school), I found the perfect job for the invisible man.

I used to love the old Invisible Man movies. They really made me think of just how difficult it must have been for that guy to keep a job. An enigma such as the Invisible man needs to put bread on the table too, so how does he manage?

Imagine his first day on the job. The boss comes into the room to greet his newest employee, who was hired after a great teleconference that lasted for hours. Where is he? He didn’t show up, nobody seen him. What happens? Fired on the first day, that’s what.

Now, on the Newfoundland Government website, there exists the perfect job for the Invisible Man. The job title reads:

Public Employment Opportunity

Director of Transparency and Accountability

Now who else knows more about transparency than the Invisible Man? He has been transparent for so long, you know he must be an expert in the field.

This is my second  entry into this week’s Trifecta Challenge. The word this week is Enigma ( an inscrutable or mysterious person)


8 thoughts on “Trifecta: Finally…a job for the invisible man

  1. It won’t work. He can’t be held accountable for anything. If something does go wrang, all he has to say is, “Did you see me do it?”

  2. Good one!! You should REALLY send them the invisible man’s resume 🙂

    Actually, my entry is about a job for a high school student this week too…

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