The oldest student

A while ago, I promised myself that I would go to college and get a degree. This didn’t happen. For one reason or another, something always came up. Instead of going directly to college upon graduation from high school, and due to the fact that my family was too poor to send me, and I was too poor to send me, I chose to work in the pulp and paper industry for twenty years instead.

When I grew tired of that line of work (HARD WORK), I returned to school and completed a three year Information Technology program at a local college, and figured that would be ‘as good’ as a degree. That wasn’t the case.

A few years later, after working a few horrible jobs, I decided to go to college once again, and then I received the news that I had cancer, and after the surgery, the rehab, and eventually the good news that it wasn’t cancer in the first place, I once again decided to get a degree. I could take a two year program right here in town, and then finish the following year and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Community Studies. The hopes then would be to do another two years and I would have yet another degree, a degree in Social Work, which was my original intention way back when I was 16.

Again, things didn’t work out that way. I managed to pass the two year program with honors, but in doing the program, I happened along something I wasn’t counting on, I fell in love. I met the most wonderful girl ever, and we fell head over heals in love. All of a sudden I didn’t need a degree (although she encouraged me to get it anyway) and I was happy. She was working on her degree in Social Work, so we planned that once she finished, I would go. In that time, I went to the city with her, lived there for two years, and got a good job with one certain blogger who actually got me started with WordPress, one blogger known to the blogger world as KaiJay, or KayJai, or KJ…I know her as her real name, and always get confused at her blogging name.

Now, my girl has her degree, and a good job in Social Work, and now, at the ripe young age of 48 (49 in September), it is my turn. Last night we sat at the computer, and together, we filled out the online application for the Bachelor of Community Studies at Cape Breton University. I plan to do the degree online, from my computer where I now sit. I only have one year left, and since I love to write, I know I will do great. I can’t wait to start now!


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