Rescue 91……1

Today we were talking about our favorite reality shows. While I am not a fan of any of the newer ones, I certainly enjoyed the old Rescue 91…1 (at least that is how Shat pronounced 911).

The show was basically re-enactments of various 911 calls. My favorite was the one where the kid got his tongue stuck in the freezer while reaching beyond his means to obtain a Popsicle.  He was like “I got my Thung (That’s how he pronounced ‘tongue’) stzuck in de freezber” It cracked me up, not sure why.

I loved the way that William Shatner made each call sound like a worldwide panic. A similar show to this was Unsolved Mysteries. Robert Stack hosted this show in  which re-enactments of mysteries were shown. I always wondered why they never made a show named ‘Solved Mysteries’, not THAT would be a show!

2 thoughts on “Rescue 91……1

  1. YES!!! I love both of those old chestunts! Remember the early America’s Most Wanted, back when they changed the phone number every year? CRIME89 became CRIME90, etc. Classic.

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