Eight items or less

While on my way home this evening, I decided to drop into the local grocery store and pick up a few items. Seeing how I could carry the four items in one hand, I decided to stand in the 8 items or less aisle. Big mistake! Some moron in front of me had a shopping cart filled with groceries. Now I have been trying to work on my filter these days, (let me explain. My lady thinks most people have this imaginary filter between what their brain is thinking and what actually comes out of their mouths. Apparently I wasn’t born with such a filter, but I am working on it!) so I tried my best not to say anything.

“Say nothing, say nothing…” The mantra went through my mind, and my lady would have been proud, until I somehow muttered “Excuse me sir, but this is the 8 items or less checkout.” The people behind me breathed a sigh of relief, as they knew as well as I did that this guy was going to hold up the line forever.

“What was that bud” the rude man with the shopping cart said. “This is the 8 items or less checkout, apparently your counting skills are equal to your reading skills!” I told him. “There goes the filter” I thought to myself, too late to stop myself.

“That girl at the cash register, she will check me in unless someone complains” He said, in a bully like manner, and I really hate bullies.

“Well, I am complaining!” I said, waiting to be joined by my fellow shoppers, but I wasn’t.

“This is only eight things, I have bread, milk, canned goods, meat, biscuits, cereal, juice, dog food, and candy!” he said.

The poor lady at the checkout didn’t have to do anything, because lucky for me, the store manager was standing next to the checkout.

“Sir, this checkout is for eight items or less, not eight food groups. Please go to the next line and wait your turn.” The kind store manager told the disgruntled customer.

I breathed a sigh of relief on this one, because if my lady were nearby, she would have pointed out the fact that I should have kept quite, but I couldn’t…I left my filter at home.

4 thoughts on “Eight items or less

  1. Stood in an 8 items or less line behind a woman with 28 items, totalling $73.00. I thought the cashier would say something, but no! When I stepped up, I asked her if it was MY job to educate selfish idiots.

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