The threat of Facebook

Just yesterday, our community suffered the terrible loss of a young woman, at the hands of her mad husband. Sadly, there were two tragedies on that day, both related to the same incident. The first, of course, was that a man violently murdered his wife and then took his own life. The second tragedy was that their children had to learn of the incident through Facebook.

While innocently scanning their home page, the daughter noticed that someone with the same name as her mom was murdered by a man with the same name as her dad. She was devastated. She took no time to call home, to talk to her mom, to resolve her fears that the people in question were in fact, her family.

She was horrified at the answer. At the same time, her brother, also away from home, attending university, was also on Facebook. He too discovered the news innocently, unprepared, and was forced to deal with it alone, away from home, away from family.

I think Facebook has gone too far. Where else can you publish anything, without regard for privacy or human decency, and get away with it? Where else do people report murders, cheating, gossip, etc, on a daily basis, unaware of who is affected, uncaring whether they are or not?

There has to be safeguards set up so that this stops. The problem is HOW?


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