a violent end

Yesterday, a small community in the area suffered a terrible loss. An estranged husband took his ex-wife’s life and then took his as well.

This all happened in a medical clinic where she worked. She had escaped a violent relationship just last year, after their children had grown and moved on to university. She was just beginning to live a normal life, well, as normal a life as a person can have when your ex suffers from mental illness and vows each day to kill you.

She came from a large family where she seen abuse all her life. Her father drank, and punished his family whenever his drinking made him sick. She was quick to move away from this life, and into one even more vile. She fell in love with a man who beat her on a daily basis. For most, this would have been too horrifying to deal with, but given that she seen this type of behavior on a daily basis, ever since she was a small child, she figured that this was how it was supposed to be.

She lived with violence her entire life, but through her friends, she discovered that this life was not the norm, and she planned her escape. It would have worked, if only he had taken this experience and gotten help, but he didn’t. Rather, he plotted revenge, and on that faithful day of March, he followed his mad instincts, loaded his gun, traveled to her place of work, turned the gun on his wife, the mother of his children, the woman who had stuck with him through all the mad incidents in his life, and he ended her life.

Ever the coward, he attempted to end his life as well, but he couldn’t. The gun misfired and he only sustained minor injuries. That was until he reached the hospital and an unknown force said “ENOUGH”. He passed away from undisclosed injuries, resulting from an attempted suicide earlier that day.

How does a community rebound from this incident? How do people go on with their lives knowing that this incident is nothing new, nothing different than what has been going on for hundreds of years?

It is time to take notice of domestic violence, and to work to curve this behavior. Resources must be set up so that people who suffer from mental illness receive treatment before this happens again. The community were not surprised that this happens, so this tells me that someone seen it coming. We need awareness so that people have someone to turn to when this occurs.


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