First Girlfriend

Thinking back to my youth, I remember my first girlfriend and how I am truly glad the relationship did not work out. This girl, 17 at the time, was an alcoholic. Both her parents drank as well. You ask why I involved myself with such a girl. Hey, I was 18, and horny. She looked pretty good, at least back then she did. She tried to encourage me to drink, saying that if I didn’t drink, the relationship would not work. I was not sure why this was so, but I quickly discovered why when I met her parents.

I remember the first visit to her parent’s house. It was around 7 in the evening, and the entire house was dark. I was confused by this, especially when I noticed that the darkness was a result of no electricity. I had to ask them why both her mom and dad sat around the kitchen table, each with a beer in their hand, in the dark.

They chose to buy beer over paying their electric bill. Her dad was a case. He had a hook for a hand, something that happened to him when he was younger. Of course I had to ask how he lost his hand, and his reply was that when he was 17, he worked at a saw mill. He had been drinking that morning, and he mistakenly put his hand in front of the blade, and the rest is history.

Her mom drank because her father drank, and that was why the older brother, 21 at the time, and her three sisters, ranging from the ages of 14 – 19 all drank as well. I couldn’t believe it; her entire family suffered from alcoholism.

The sad part of all this was that those people were  really nice. They welcomed my family in for supper once, offering them all the beer they could drink. I think they were surprised that my parents turned down the booze, as they do not make it a habit of drinking and driving home later.

Her parents had no car, so when they noticed mine, they got excited. “Now we don’t have to walk all the way to the liquor store” the father said. Bells began to ring for naive me.

As much as I admit she was hot, all this alcohol stuff was too much for me. Being so young, my hormones often ruled over my brain, but at this moment, my brain kicked in. “What, you want me to drive you to stores to buy booze so that you can ruin your family even more?” I shouted.

Well, as much as this family was a crowd of drunks, they were also close, and me yelling at their poor injured father was too much for them. I high tailed it out of the house, in my car and home.

I seen this girl a few weeks ago. She was at the local Wal-Mart, with two small grandkids. She looked old enough to be my grandmother. Years of drinking had taken their toll on her pretty face. She was so thin her clothes looked like they were about to fall off. She smoked like a tilt, she smoked lots back then as well. She never worked a day in her life, living on welfare and having kids taken away from her by Social Services. She asked how I was doing, and said that she valued the short time we had together. Then she tried to blame me for her drinking problem. I left the store even quicker than I had left her home all those years ago.

Thank heavens for good decision making!



6 thoughts on “First Girlfriend

  1. It is strange how alcoholism can ‘run’ in families…I grew up with kids who followed suit and then ones that stayed sober at all costs so they wouldn’t turn out like their parents…she made her own choices – I don’t see how she can lay blame at your feet..

  2. You did good by going with your concious. I had a similar relationship, but the girl I loved loved drugs instead of booze.

    Your road in life is wide and open. Enjoy the view.

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