Trifecta Weekend Challenge: Lost

A beautiful romance

A great life, happiness

Time shared, so valuable

So intimate, so trusting

A glance across the room

Then temptation

A kiss to a stranger

What once was is gone forever

This week’s Trifecta challenge is the word Lost


23 thoughts on “Trifecta Weekend Challenge: Lost

  1. I love how this can be interpreted in so many ways
    * A meet cute, and the ‘stranger’ is now a wife
    * A relationship tarnished by an affair
    * A relationship that wasn’t going to work out, and some moving on

  2. Thanks for linking up to Trifextra this weekend. I liked the rhythm of your response: the buildup and then the turn, all with the glance across the room. You’ve done a good job with a difficult subject. Hope to see you back on Monday.

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