sock woolies in the bathtub

you know what I am talking about. After working all day long, it sure feels great to soak in a hot tub, but just  when I begin lying back I see it….the illustrious sock wooly. These annoying little puffs of sock material sneak out from between my toes (I think so anyway) and float in the bath water. Just try retrieving those little rascals…it’s near impossible!

I wear black socks to work. I find the white socks look funny with dress shoes, so black it is…I am also diabetic, and at some place in my life, I was told to always wear diabetic socks. No, they don’t contain artificial sweeteners, they are called diabetic socks because of the relaxed elastic band that holds them up. The only problem is the sock woolies.

Trying to catch sock woolies in the bathtub is difficult because just when you think you grabbed them, there they are, floating towards your feet. I found a small goldfish net at a local dollar store, and whenever I spot a sock wooly, I fish it out and discard it in the nearby trash can…just saying…

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