Might as well face it, I am addicted to…Tea?

After my horrible ordeal with kidney stones on Wednesday, I researched possible causes. One I found was caffeine. Why should that worry me, I only have three cups of tea each day, hardly enough caffeine to bother, right? Wrong, according to the website I found. So a quick fix, I stop drinking tea and no stones. Well maybe no stones, but I am ready to try anything, so I give up tea.

I have no caffeine addiction, I have only been drinking tea since I was a wee child, sipping on dad’s tea when he wasn’t looking, or enjoying a piece of toast soaked in mom’s sweetened tea from time to time, and then on to five to six cups when I reached the teen years, and more when I began working. How could this be called an addiction? I could easily do without my daily cup(s) of tea and still function perfectly. Wrong again.

Yesterday, I thought I was coming down with something. One day without tea and I was as active as an eighty year old. No energy, headache, nauseous…must be the flu or something. I was at the point where I had no appetite for dinner, and by two o’clock, I was ready to head home, straight for the bed with some Tylenol.

When I got home, I took one look at the kettle on the cabinet, and the tea bags next to it, and in minutes (it seemed like hours), the kettle was jumping on the stove, steam filling the kitchen, and I was headed for my favorite mug, the one with the Montreal Canadiens logo on the front. As I poured the scalding hot water over the Red Rose Orange Pekoe teabag, I could feel the pain lifting from my throbbing head. It was almost magical how I began feeling better, and I was only smelling the stuff.

Once the tea bag was thoroughly soaked in the boiling water, I removed the bag and took a long sip of the hot tea. Like a taster of fine wine, I savored the taste of the tea, which was steeped just right. As the hot tea eased down my throat, I began to feel uplifted, I felt like a new man, or at least a whole lot younger than the eighty year that crawled out of bed this morning. I was me again, all 48 years of me; and all it took was a few sips of this wonderful elixir, this wonderful wonderful wonderful hot steaming caffeine filled water soaked teabag created tea that I was enjoying.

I have to say, I know now how smokers must feel when they draw in a cigarette, I felt it when my nose filled with the hot steam from my teacup. I got it bad, I am addicted to caffeine.

If they ever outlaw tea, I will be one of those guys buying tea from those shady characters that hang out in alleys of crowed cities. I will be one of those guys growing his own tea, and hiding from law enforcement officials while I boil water in a abandoned building, over hot coals. I will be the guy begging for a fix, or an old teabag you may discard senselessly, I will be the guy who would do anything for that little bit of liquid heaven. Maybe I am getting overboard here, but just saying.

6 thoughts on “Might as well face it, I am addicted to…Tea?

  1. The worst part of the addiction to tea is that we Newfoundlanders are despicable when it comes to helping a tea addict out. Whenever you visit a friend, or anyone for that matter, the first words out of their mouth is “Want a cup of tea?”

  2. Labrador Tea plant grows abundantly in my backyard. My grandfather used it for medicine to help coughs and runny nose, but if used incorrectly (tea steeped to much). it can be very dangerous. I am Mi’Kmaq, and my ancestors used many of the local plants for medicines, beverages, and ultimately, to make alcohol. go figure!

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