Teens and Birthdays

I was an uncool kid, or at least I thought I was. I didn’t fit in to what I was supposed to fit in to.  I was not in the ‘In’ c rowd, and as a kid growing up in the 70’s, this was so difficult for me. I got over it when I realized that the ‘In’ crowd were not cool, and to this day, many of those ‘cool’ kids are still acting like kids.

This ‘cool’ and ‘In’ crowd still exist. This morning, one of my favorite students, a future arts major, came into the office. Today is her seventeenth birthday, and she wanted someone to know. She isn’t the type of girl to hang out with the ‘cool’ girls, or any girl for that matter; her best friend is a boy who is also ‘uncool’ to the guys and girls in the school.

These kids are by far, the nicest kids in the school. They don’t spend their time judging others, nor do they do nasty things to those who they consider ‘uncool’.

Today this girl broke my heart. It is customary in the school that when a student has a birthday, the other girls in their class place a homemade birthday card on her locker, with signatures from everyone in her classroom.  Today, the girl came into my office to borrow some tape. She said that she really wanted the other girls to do the poster thingy for her, but they didn’t, so she made her own poster. I almost cried. I am a soft hearted person, especially when it comes to kids. I guess that is what led me to this job.

I spoke about this to my boss, and together, we made a poster. At lunch, we got all the kids who frequent the room to sign it, and before she had a chance to see what we were doing, I went and placed the card on her locker. She didn’t say anything, but I seen her standing next to her locker, with a tear in her eye.  Hopefully this made her feel better about herself today.


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