Thought for the day: I hate Thursdays Part II








My new week. Thursdays always seem to suck, and this Worstday was no different. Try driving to work, something falls from the old beat up truck ahead of me on the highway, I hit it, and boom, my tire blows out. I change it only to notice that the dummy spare is flat also. I pump up dummy flat, make it to my local Canadian Tire (note the word TIRE), purchase new (note NEW) tire and rim, attempt to book appointment to get tire mounted on rim and on my car, salesperson tells me that since it is THURSDAY, all their tire changing crew are gone until MONDAY.

After visiting four different service stations, only one was not too busy to fix my tire, but he is closed for business today. Fortunately (I dont type the word ‘fortunately’ very often on Thursdays) he agrees to fix my tire but I will have to put it on my car myself. He does however charge me double because he has to call in a mechanic who is off duty.

When I get back to work on my dummy spare, it is flat again. I pump it up, but no go, the damn dummy tire is ruined. I get cab to garage to get now fixed tire, (well not fixed actually) as the guy who promised to have tire fixed in hour is nowhere in sight, and my new tire and rim are clearly visible on his garage floor, untouched and unfixed.

I return to work, call him eighty times, and finally he answers and says that if I came to his garage right now, he can not only fix the tire, but he can also mount rim and tire on car. I tell him that I cannot because my spare is now flat also.

another cab ride to garage, I am now heading back to work so that I can put tire and rim (now together) on car. (In my office clothing)


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