Thought for the day: Getting your picture taken

Back in the day, getting one’s picture taken was a big event. Not everyone owned a camera, so when someone visited with camera equipment, everyone made sure to have their best clothes on, and to their hair combed just right.

I guess that since cameras took a roll of 24 (sometimes less) film, you were limited to what you took pictures of.

I remember mom and dad getting us to pose, taking a picture, and then rushing off to get the film developed (it took quite some time, as we lived in a rural community, and had to mail the pictures to a photo lab off the island). The minute they received the photos back, they would place the pictures in an album, for everyone to see.

The funny thing about those old pictures is that I can remember when each of them were taken. The above photo is one where my dad graduated from a heavy equipment schooling program he did. This was a very special event, and we all dressed in our Sunday best and had pictures taken.

Nowadays, with the digital cameras and Internet, people take thousands of pictures, and post them online before half of us even know the pictures have been taken. Gone are the days where it was a special occasion to have your picture taken, and in are the days when it just annoys the hell out of you to have a shot done, half of the time without your permission in the first place. I miss the old days sometimes…

4 thoughts on “Thought for the day: Getting your picture taken

  1. I hated those yearbook pictures. the photographer must worked for Motor vehicle registration. School pictures were even worse. Not one school picture ever came out the right way, Either my eyes were closed or my mouth was open, yawning.

    1. I remember those pictures. Now, whenever I have to take an ID photo, It’s me with a goofy grin and two thumbs up (close enough to my face to be in the picture).

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