Superheroes: Who is better?

This overheard in the lunch room at school:

One Kid: “Superman could beat Spiderman blindfolded!”

The other: “Of course he could, Superman has X-Ray vision”

Skinny kid at table: “Aquaman is the dumbest hero ever, so what, he can swim, how much crime happens under water?”

Girl sitting next to him: “Everyone knows that Wonder woman could beat the works of ’em”

Listening to the kids, I wonder how many lunchtime conversations were focused on super heroes? Hell, even most of my adult conversations center around superheroes.

When I was a kid, I used to adore the comics. My favorites were that of The Legion of Superheroes.  In this one, Superboy would go to the far future where he was part of the Legion, and join future crime fighters to battle whatever was thrown at them.

My love for superheroes remained with me throughout my life, and the comics eventually turned into movies, and I was a fan of mostly all of them.

While at work a few years back, I worked with a beautiful lady named Anna-Marie. Anna-Marie  was cracked over this one guy, who was about 25 at the time, and who loved superheroes, especially Superman and Green Lantern. As much as every guy at work found this particular lady attractive, she had eyes for someone else, and one evening, she got up the courage to ask him on a date.

Tim was a ‘normal looking guy’ who just happened to love superheroes, but we didn’t realize at what extent he did. We found out when Anna came into work the day after their ‘date’.

“He showed up wearing a Superman T shirt, complete with the big stupid looking ‘S’ in front, and all he talked about all night was how he always wanted to be a super hero.” She was not impressed, to say the least.  The last I heard of Tim, he was trying out for the police force. If I happen to see a ‘Super-Mountie’ flying overhead, I will let you know!

As for myself, I think Superman could beat any of the superheroes; at least in comic sales. Although Marvel has surpassed DC when it comes to the movies. I can’t wait for the new Avengers movie, should be a good one. Until then, ‘It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its…..


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