cowcatcher: I want one

Back in the days of the Newfoundland railway, the trains were equipped with a ‘Cowcatcher’. Back in the day, many of the communities that lay next to the railway had cattle farms, and due to the fact that cows are not that intelligent, the trains were equipped with bumper like bars on front to push cattle from the tracks.

I want one for my Corolla. I was just on my way to the pizza shop to get some dinner when this old dude driving a Chevy pulled ahead of me. He went so slow that I almost ended up late for work. If my Toyota only had a Cowcatcher. I could give this guy a little nudge (not a road rage nudge, just a soft reminder to hurry his ass up) and he would get the hint that he was taking up too much road and going too slow.

The Cowcatcher would be great for other things too. How many times did I venture home at night only to find teenagers walking down the road (in the MIDDLE of the road) and not moving despite me leaning heavily on my horn? Cowcatcher would fix that one. A gentle nudge with the Cowcatcher would get them moving. Hey, it works for cows, should work for teens.

I could also use the Cowcatcher for people who wander out in front of the car when crossing the street. No longer would I be concerned they would fall across my hood and dent my beloved car, Cowcatcher to the rescue.

So I am reminding family members. I know my birthday isn’t until September, but Father’s day is right around the corner. What would I like this year? No, not more tools (although they are always welcome), No, not a gift certificate from Subway or McDonald’s, I want Cowcatcher…Think about it.


3 thoughts on “cowcatcher: I want one

  1. Lol. Couriers in parts of Saskatchewan used deer catchers to flip them over the vehicle if they happen to jump out in front of you. Good for the vehicle that has one, not so good for the vehicle behind you though.

  2. Take the muffler out and rev the engine.
    I had a 5 speed Explorer with a very rattly engine. When I revved at people in crosswalks (in Manhattan, no less) they would hurry out of the way. hehehe.

  3. Saw you stopped by my place the other day. Thought the least I could do was return the favor. Open our range of experiences. Looks good so far. Stop in again whenever. I’ve got to go grazing. You’ve got far more blog-pasture than I do.

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