Spam is funny

I was just reading my spam messages, and I have to admit, some of them are pretty funny. I just got this one from some  company that sells Halloween lingerie.  The comment was quite nice, stating that I should enter a blog contest online and they would vote for me, but when I reviewed their page, it was the next thing to a porn site. Can’t leave that on my blog, this is a PG rated blog you know!

I get other stuff too, like comments from the Bucket Truck Company of America, stating that bucket trucks are what I need to make my life complete. All this time, and I never made the connection: Bucket Trucks=happiness. Who knew?

Some of the spam is written in some foreign language that I not dare to guess, but if I could read it, it may just be a positive comment. Nice to see that those who speak foreign languages read my blog too. Hope my ‘newfenglish’ doesn’t confuse anyone.



One thought on “Spam is funny

  1. Just deleted mine. Had a long drawn out broken English comment about how the commenter noticed some of my jumps in logic on my way to my conclusion.
    The post was about a cheesesteak.

    Ah, spambots…
    Let me know how the bucket truck works out. If it doesn’t it, you can always spam it along to someone else!

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