Max the cat

A few years back, my parents took in a stray cat. They do this all the time and they are still doing it. Anyway, they took in this little black and white cat with the red nose.  Mom said that if it was a male cat, she would have no problem with it, but she did not want any females. We all swore to her that it was a male cat. Four weeks later the cat had a litter of kittens.

We had no problem finding homes for the kittens, as they were the cutest little things. We kept Max. Max (poor cat was given a male name by mom who thought the cat was male) previously lived out in the wild, so naturally she was kind of wild and unpredictable. Her favorite game was to haul herself under the couch and then spring out and scratch anyone’s feet she could find, which made her very dangerous if you happened to be passing by the chair barefoot. I don’t know how many times she got me, but I am sure there are still scratch marks on my feet.

Max was quite the hunter, in her own way. One day, she left the comfort of my dad’s living room, crossed the road, and entered my aunt’s house. My aunt had this little white budgie bird in a cage sitting on an end table in the dining room. Max walked right into the house, and walked past anyone who was standing in the kitchen. She then went over to the dining room, opened the cage with her paw, and snatched the little bird, running home as fast as she could go.

Upon returning home, my sister grabbed her, and holding her by the tail (my sister was about 4 at the time), my sister patted the black and white cat with the red  nose on the bum to get the cat to release the yellow bird. This reminded us of the looney tunes cartoon where granny was tapping Sylvester on the butt so that he released Tweety. When she began saying “Bad Puddy” it was too funny.

Another time, I had this black tailed shark. I had purchased the tropical fish in St. John’s, and it cost me about thirty bucks. The shark was about four inches long, but acted just like the larger sharks, swimming with it’s fin sticking out of the water like a miniature Jaws. The shark shared the aquarium with neon tetras, and they got along great…except..

Except for the fact that the little shark liked jumping out of the tank. On several occasions, Mom had to put the fish back into the tank just in time before it suffocated. Of course, Max took notice of this, and every dying moment, she spent sitting next to the fish tank with her mouth open.We all wondered why the cat wanted to sit next to a fish tank with her mouth open, until one day the little fish leapt from the tank and went right into the open mouth of the hungry cat sitting beneath the tank. In one gulp, it was all over. Call it weird, call it bad luck, call it fish suicide, Max called it lunch.

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