Do you want cheese on your steak and cheese

Today I decided to eat healthy (for a change). I dropped into Subway to check out their latest offerings. I have this thing where I always eat the newest sub they offer. I know, weird, but hey, I like variety. My missus eats the same sub every time we go to Subway, but call it adventurous, or just call it insane, but oh well.

The special of the day was the latest sub they had to offer, the Steak ‘n Bacon with Cheese. The picture looked great, and that’s the one I wanted, so I went ahead and ordered it. The thing I love about Subway is that you tell the ‘Sandwich Artist’ what you want and they make it for you, no questions asked. The guy must have been new because he annoyed the hell out of me while making my sandwich.

“Whatchuwantonit”, he said, in one word without breaking for air. I said I wanted the same sub that is on the sign over his head. He looked at the ad that hung over him and asked “youwanbacon”? “Is it on the sign? if it is, I want it” I replied.

“youwancheese” God, this guy had his tongue pierced and a huge marble ring attached to it, and it did hell for his linguistics. “Is cheese on the sign?” “youwanlettuz”? “The Sign…Look at the damn sign. I want that sub, so yes I want lettuce, I want cheese, I want bacon.”

“Youwansteak”? He asked “Steak? This is a damn steak, bacon, and cheese sub dummy!” “READ THE SIGN”

There is another sign on the wall, next to the one this idiot was not reading properly.

“Eat Subway, It’s the Healthy Choice”

What is healthy about a heart attack? Thats what this dumbass was about to give me!

When I finally got  my sub, I admit it was good, but all this grief when there was a sign directly above the guy..GOD!!!

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