our justice system and teens


This is western Newfoundland, not Halifax or even St. John’s, but this incident sends the message all too clear that our justice system needs work.

A 16 yr old chooses to shoot his pellet gun at a school bus filled with children, and the police MAY lay a charge of damage to property.  Damage to property??? What about reckless endangerment? What will they tell the kid? “Great decision to use a pellet gun instead of a Bazooka there Son”???

If a kid decides to shoot his pellet gun towards a tree or a target or even a building, at least nobody will get hurt, but the bus was filled with small children, and a window was shattered by the pellet, so I think a greater charge should be warranted, or the next time this teen thinks of shooting at a bus, he may just use a more powerful firearm.

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