I want a kagillion dollars too

P Diddy sued for One Trillion dollars and accused of causing 9/11

This is insane. Some woman is suing rapper Diddy for One Trillion dollars and accusing the guy of causing 9/11. Apparently, he has her poker chip, which is supposed to be worth A ZILLION Dollars. I didn’t know the term “zillion’ was an actual monetary term, but leave it to a lawyer to try anyway.

The woman claims that he fathered her baby, and somehow knocked the world trade center down.

This is hilarious that this story even made the news, let alone warrants some judge of actually taking the story serious. Where are we headed when stories like this make the news?


One thought on “I want a kagillion dollars too

  1. Wait – did you get “Kagillion” from the scrabble game?
    Funny article. Pity that it is actually proceeding to trial.
    Hope it doesn’t end up costing her 100 zillions of dollars in legal fees!

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