Thought for the day: Thursdays should be renamed Worstdays


Okay, now that that is off my chest, I can relax.

What a day I had so far today (and it is only 9:30 a.m.)

  1. little feller (my son) spills what is left of the milk, so no cereal.
  2. dog vomits on the floor and I walk in it, with clean socks
  3. I attempt to make omelet, but last egg rolls off the counter and breaks on floor
  4. dog eats egg
  5. dog gets sick again
  6. little feller forgets his lunch, I run out to bring it to him on his way to the school bus
  7. ice everywhere, I slip and fall on my ass
  8. garbage day, I forget the trash
  9. late for work, I am now behind school bus
  10. school bus turns off main road, I am behind a slow pick up truck
  11. I complain that truck is going too slow, I pass it in the only place available to pass
  12. I get behind farmer on tractor (on highway where speed limit is 80 kmh) towing a load of hay on a trailer that takes up one and a half lanes on a two lane highway
  13. I forgot to bring lunch I packed last night
  14. I forgot to bring thermos with tea (caffeine fix for the day)
  15. I have confrontation with student
  16. I realize that I didn’t forget trash, I forgot trash in my trunk


Can’t wait to see what the afternoon brings

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