Feeding the TV Show addiction: Alcatraz

Alcatraz meets Lost: an adventure into confusion, Part II

Its all there, adventure, action, questions, that spooky music, and Hurley. Well, this time he isn’t Hurley or Hugo, or ‘Stay Puff’, he is Diego, who the star of the show Rebecca Madison, (played by Sarah Jones, last seen on Justified, my favorite TV show in the last few years) claims is one smart dude. He is so smart that she asks him to be her partner (more on that later) in a new division of the FBI.

The premise of the show is that when, in 1963 and the infamous prison Alcatraz was closed, its prisoners were not transferred as the rest of the world thought, they disappeared. Now they are coming back, one by one, to continue their murderous ways.

The leader of a group set out to capture the prisoners (and who may actually be responsible for their disappearance, or at least know something about how they disappeared), played by Sam Neill, is hell bent on recapturing them alive and then torturing them to find out where the rest of them are.

Seeing how this one (like Lost) was made by one J.J. Abrams, nothing is as it seems and it looks like we are in for a hell of a ride…that is of course, if Fox manages to keep this one on the air long enough for the story to end.

For the last few years I feel let down by the networks. First I get into FlashForward, which starred a few Losties. Just when the story begins to make sense, they create some dumb ending and it is gone, with thousands of questions left in the wild.

pissed by this, I vow to never be sucked into another series,  and then I am teased by The Event. Same thing, just as it is revealed what ‘the event’ is, the series is cancelled.

V. I used to love the old series, and despite what I may have said earlier, this show did indeed catch my interest for a short while, two seasons almost, and then Boom, a great episode that led to THE END.

Now I am watching Alcatraz, but not without keeping my guard up and not getting interested or intertwined in the story….I wonder where the prisoners are staying while they are awaiting their turn to return? Damn, I may be hooked again. I will let you know after next week’s episode, if it lasts that long.


2 thoughts on “Feeding the TV Show addiction: Alcatraz

  1. I’ve yet to check this one out, but I know just by the sounds of it, I’m going to have a tough time watching my guy Hurley say anything without ‘dude’ tagged on the end.

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