Red Solo Cup Stories

With the recent popularity of Toby Keith’s annoying hit song “Red Solo Cup”, I am inviting bloggers to share their Red Solo Cup stories.

Here is mine.

A few years back, my brother in law and I attended The Blueberry Festival, which is a  local music festival here on the west coast of the island. The festival features local entertainers, and sometimes even a popular act from the east coast.

This particular year the festival decided that in addition to selling beer, they would be selling mixed drinks as well; and we were quick to get in line for the mixed drinks. The both of us had three alcohol tickets, which cost a dollar a piece. The line was long and we were thirsty, and just before I got to the table where the bartender was, he decided to take a break. At this point, the bartender called over his friend to take over selling booze.

The guy looked like he was out of his element, and we were correct. When I asked for a Crown and Seven, he didn’t know what it was. I explained that it was seven up mixed with Crown Royal Whiskey. At that point, the guy filled one Red Solo Cup with Whiskey, and one Red Solo Cup with Seven Up.  My brother in law ordered the same drink, and in no time, we were loaded. Apparently, a lot of people were loaded, because this guy sold most people in the line the same drink.

When the rest of our gang met up with us, they wondered how we got hammered with just one drink, and when we explained what happened, they all ran to the alcohol table in hopes of buying the same drink, but by then the original bartender was back, and he knew how to properly mix drinks. He also mentioned that he could no longer mix Crown and Seven, because he had ran out of Crown Royal. Whatta Time! We loved Red Solo Cups that evening, we hated them in the morning…Oh my head!!!!!!

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