How to be successful at practically any office job

A few years back, a good friend of mine gave me a great piece of advice that I will now share with my fellow bloggers. This friend of mine worked an office job for over 35 years, and managed to be promoted when others were often let go. He was not the office suck up, although that sometimes works. He was not the rat of the department either, he was well respected by most of his co-workers. The tip that my good friend gave me was to always ‘Appear’ to look busy, and here was his scheme:

  1. open any word document, preferably one with lots of text and charts.
  2. Go to the photocopier and print off at least 100 copies of the document.
  3. Take the original and all the copies to your office and place them on your desk.
  4. Whenever you hear someone approach the vicinity of your office, shuffle these papers like you are looking for something.
  5. Ensure that while your boss looks into your office, rather than look up to acknowledge their presence, continue shuffling through the papers.

Although this plan seems simple, and you think it doesn’t work, I have done this on every job I ever worked at since discovering this wonderful secret, and it has gotten me promotions, compliments, and the respect of management.

Remember, a messy desk is a busy desk. This will not be as effective if your desk is clutter free.

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