Second day of work in 2012 and I had another salad!

I am so proud of myself. Second day working and I managed to stay away from the vending machine and the snack counter. Add to that the great salad I had for lunch…the one I made myself last night.

This salad lacked the fried chicken that was secretly hidden within the one I ate yesterday. Hey, I was not aware that the school cafeteria added fried chicken to the only healthy alternative they offer. Of course, coming from a childhood where I was taught to eat everything on my plate, I ate the chicken. I even chose a low fat French Dressing (regular French Dressing with 90% water), and it was surprisingly tasty.

That being said, I am still hungry, but I will resist the temptation to cross the hallway and go look at that damn vending machine, the one with favorites like ‘Sweet Chili Heat Doritos’, ‘Salt and Vinegar Chips’ and cheese balls.

My love affair with potato chips goes way back. I love chips, and would easily turn down the sweetest pastries and cakes for a bag of those crunchy, tasty potato chips.  I loved the many varieties that were available throughout the years, such as ketchup, sour cream and onion, and even the Hostess Fruit flavored chips of the 1970’s. Now I done it, I made myself hungry for chips…

2 thoughts on “Second day of work in 2012 and I had another salad!

  1. Why is it that every country outside the US has the col chip flavors we don’t get?
    Seriously, I was in London and saw chip flavors like Steak and Potatoes; Shrimp; Filet Mignon with Demiglace (k, not the last, but still…)
    Why don’t we get Sweet Chili Heat Doritos?!?

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