LED Headlights and the Idiots who use them

What is it with those super bright headlights? When I was a kid, my dad used to warn me to never look while he was welding; but those new headlights are even brighter than a welding flash, and they are legal.

This dumbass passed by this morning, not dimming his lights, and after he passed, I had to pull over. My eyes burned like fire.

I think there should be an IQ test given to anyone who chooses to equip their K-Mart Special  (a 2002 4-door Chevy Cavalier featuring every new gadget, hood scoop and sticker that the local K-mart has to offer) with a dazzling light show on the front bumper, and those super bright LED lights to boot.  While those idiots drive around with their pimped out cars (probably owned by their mothers), they forget that there are other cars on the road.

I am thinking of attaching a giant mirror to my front bumper, so that it reflects the super bright light back into those idiots’ eyes, letting them feel the burn…Oh ya, Feel the burn

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