I Dream in 3D: Pursuit (Part I)

I am having similar dreams again. Whenever this happens, I tend to write the dream down, put it to paper, and share just how terrifying my dream is. I am starting a new series of stories based on those dreams. Last night’s nightmare was so frightening, I had to get up in the middle of the night and write this down. The dream went on for what seemed forever, so I just may be able to get a few posts out of it. If this is like anything in the past, I will lie down  tonight, and the dream or nightmare will continue where this one left off.

I am running, ducking under tree branches, dodging from side to side, jumping to avoid holes in the dark night. Behind me I see lights, beings who reflect blue beneath the moonlight. My assailants are gaining on me; one of them shoots something and it hits me and…

I am home, at least I think I am. My beautiful wife is getting ready to go somewhere. She is wearing a red dress and her long blonde hair drapes over her shoulder. I am happy to be the man I am, with such a stunning woman  to love.  I join her in front of the mirror and I am shocked to find that the man who is with her is as confident and fantastic as she is, and he isn’t me.

I am on foot once more, shaken from the blast. I take cover next to some sort of metallic box. I look towards the box and I see myself. There is no beautiful woman with me in this reflection, I see the same man I always was: short, balding, bit of a spare tire in the middle, and as pale as a ghost. A ghost, that must be what these things are, because I have no other explanation to what they could be.

As I look closer at the reality I see reflecting back at me in this strange object, one of them finds me. It says nothing to the others, probably saving me for whatever plans it has. It takes out a long protruding object and takes aim, and once again a white light hits me and…

She kissed me now, and says that we both have to go to work. Before exiting, she returns to tell me how happy I make her and how much she enjoys being my wife. This is so good, better than I ever imagined, except for one thing; I have never laid eyes on this person in my life.

My head spins from the blast and I am once again on the run. The forest looks familiar to me now, it is the forest behind my house. I see a clearing and make a break for it.I come into the middle of a large field, well cared for, as green as a golf course. I spin  around to find that I am no longer being pursued. I must have lost them. The dark quickly turns to light, and the hot sun burns my sweaty skin.

I am in my backyard. It is a hot day and I am playing baseball with my son. He throws me the ball, and the ball hits me. “What is wrong, Dad”, he asks. “You look like you have seen a ghost”.

I take my son and run for the house before the beings get sight of him. He acts confused at my behavior, but decides that I am seriously worried about something. We make it to the door, I push it open. We enter and I lock the door behind me. “They’re coming, we have to hide” I say, frightening my little boy.

He grabs my arm as we hide in the basement with the lights turned off. He shines a little flashlight across his face and I realize that something is wrong. I don’t live in this house, I don’t have a backyard, and I don’t have a son.

Am I losing my mind? What is happening to me? Why am I being chased or am I being chased at all?

I feel a cold chill cross my entire body and realize that I am still being pursued. I want the other reality, the one with the beautiful wife and the son. The one where I am a tall, muscular successful man who is at peace. The reality I do not want is the one where I am a tiny man who has never really done anything with his life. The one where I live alone in a home my mother left for me. The one where my neighbors avoid me and my friends are few; and the one where strange beings are trying to catch me, and maybe kill me.

The being was spotted by the others. I am trapped in a corner and he or it covers me with branches. The two fight, my captor is mortally wounded. His opponent celebrates by eating his kill.  My newest owner looks towards me and spots my safe haven. It reaches for my hand, but grabs my head instead. It has long spiny fingers that grasp my entire face and I feel myself being pulled towards it.

To be continued

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