Ralphie and the 50 year mark

I just heard that an old friend (acquaintance) of mine just took a heart attack. Ralphie (he never outgrew the name), all 35 years of him was overweight for as long as I have known him. He used to have a big crush on my sister years ago, and that’s how I know him. He was a pudgy kid who always enjoyed eating. In later years, he became a chef, and the last time I spoke to him, he was working two jobs, both as a short order cook. He was even bigger than before.

Ralphie is one of those guys who can have a chat with anyone, and who always wears a big jolly smile on his face. He is a father, a husband, and an all around great guy. Ralphie’s only enemy is his appetite.

Ralphie taking a heart attack really hit home with me. I am quickly slowly  approaching the 50 year old  mark, (well not actually quickly, as  I am dragging my feet, dying my hair, and working to keep my middle in approximate size with the rest of my body) and I am beginning to realize that my old friends that chose to live dangerously (drinking too much, smoking, partying and of course, eating too much) are dropping like flies in a wind storm.

That makes me want to watch the ole diet even more. I was stricken  with damn  diabetes back 11 years ago, and I have to say,  diabetes (as much as I hate to admit it) may have saved my life. Becoming diabetic made me change my lifestyle, change my diet, exercise (I admit that I have become slack in the exercise department as of late, but that will change now that Ralphie has taken  a heart attack), and take on an overall healthy regime that includes eating the right food and staying away from Mickey D’s.

This being the Christmas season, the season for home baked apple pie, cookies of every variety and those Black Magic Chocolates my friend (what sort of friend gives a diabetic chocolates you ask? An overweight friend who is also diabetic but who refuses to admit it and is probably the next one in line for a ticker ‘tack) gave me, choosing to eat green salad and sugar free cookies is not the easiest task, but rather than end up like poor Ralphie, I will do my damnest to try. Just saying

3 thoughts on “Ralphie and the 50 year mark

  1. Ralphie pulled through. He was working on a ferry on a marine crossing at the time of the attack, he was air lifted to a hospital in Halifax, NS, the doctors put a stint in and in three days he was released from the hospital. He promises to change his diet and his lifestyle.

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