Superman’s Mask

My friends were talking about Superman the other day. Ya, we are weird, I know it, but anyway, the discussion got heated when I said that Superman had the best disguise of any of the Superheroes. One guy said he thought that a pair of glasses was a pretty poor disguise, and that Lois Lane must have been one dumb broad. I beg to differ. I think the glasses were only part of the disguise, I feel that Clark Kent was also part of the disguise, the nerdy persona was the biggest part of the disguise.

We all wear masks sometimes, and like Superman, it is difficult for people to see who we really are. From time to time, we can let people in, and like Clark bared his soul to Lois Lane, we bare our souls to people we love, letting them know that despite the exterior, a superhero lurks within. Just saying.

One thought on “Superman’s Mask

  1. Still, with Superman coating all the magazine covers and home pages, Clark Kent would at least be noticed as resembling Superman. Especially by intrepid reporters who work for a newspaper? Right? But us other less famous people, sure, you’re right.

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