Here’s your sign back

My car has this incredibly large sign in front that is visible only to idiots and other individuals with severely low intelligence. According to one idiot I spoke to, the sign is of the flashing yellow variety with big blue letters that read “Feel Free to Pull in Front of Me at Any Time and Cut Me Off at Every Intersection”

When I bought the car, the previous owner did not mention the sign, but it is obvious from the small dent in the front fender, the sign was there since the car was first purchased.

The salesman was a nice sort of guy, and he seemed to be half way intelligent, so I guess he didn’t tell me about the sign because like me, he was not aware it was there. I only discovered the existence of the sign a few days ago when some dumb kid cut me off at a dangerous intersection, and then yelled that he had the right of way, despite the fact that he had a red light and I had a green one.

I have taken my car to mechanics who said that they seen the sign, but that they would have to charge time and a half to remove it; idiots. I have considered trading the car in and buying a new one, but my friend said that he just bought a brand new car, and he thinks his car has the same sign. With my luck, I will probably buy another car with a similar sign.

Its not that the sign causes any interference with my driving. Since it is invisible to anyone with even half a brain, I have no problem seeing over my hood.

We were in the city the other day, and I must say, the area must have been swarming with idiots. At every intersection, we had to fight to stay alive, as cars leered towards our little car at high speeds without even a hint of compassion. Some of them must have been real morons, as they even waved while cutting us off; some even appeared to be reading the sign as they nearly ran into us to get a closer look.

If you think your car has a similar sign, bring the car into your nearest mechanic shop. Look for the most dimwitted mechanic you can find, and ask him if he notices the sign. If he doesn’t, he is obviously smarter than he looks. you can also visit your local politician, and ask them to take a look. I would bet money that they will read the sign immediately.

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