Nobody told me they’d be days like this

Some days you should just stay in bed, where it is safe. This day was one of those days. I got up at 7 a.m., and noticed that we were getting sloppy snow. That is enough to go back to bed, but no, I had to stay up. From there, the dog wanted to go outside. She is a Teacup Pomeranian. When she came back in, she looked like a sponge mop on a dirty floor. Had to clean her up. The little feller had to go to school, but with the terrible weather, and the dark mornings we have been experiencing lately, I decided to give him a ride to the bus stop at the end of the lane. The dog wanted to go, and rather than listen to the bark of a Pomeranian (Which is hell on the ears, even when you are half deaf like me…My woman calls it ‘Selective hearing’, but don’t you think that if it was selective, I could tune out the dog barking?)

Anyway, here I was, my work lunch in one hand, the pom in the other, and the ground as slick as oil, and you guessed the rest. My two feet came out from under me, my neck snapped forward and my head crashed to the ground, right in the deepest puddle in the yard. (I had parked my car on the back lawn so my lady could get her car out if she needed it)

Everything I wore was soaked and covered with mud. I ran back into the house to change, and after a total wardrobe change, the little guy misses the bus, so I have to bring him to school. I end up getting to work late,and even worse, I ended up with a slight concussion. Add to that the fact that when I changed my clothing, I forgot to check the mirror, the entire back of my head was soaked with caked on mud. What a day! Tomorrow I plan to stay in bed…~~~

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