Yick is the only word that can describe today’s weather. Monday I was out on the deck, BBQing in my shorts, and today is Thursday and it is snowing. Good old unpredictable Newfoundland weather. It was cold enough to freeze your fingers to the bone this morning. I sent my son to school with his Montreal Canadiens toque, his Winter coat (which you wears three seasons here) and a pair of mitts (the kind my gram used to knit me when I was a kid, with only three fingers in them. Well, one thumb, a finger for the pointer, and a bigger finger for the other fingers not already in the mitts. These mitts were first knitted for lumberjacks, so that they could operate the chansaw and keep their hands warm at the same time) . The little guy was not impressed until he stepped outside on the bridge (patio for you mainlanders) and faced the northerly winds. When I gets home, I have to pick up what blew from my trees, it was bad windy last night.and any loose limbs quickly detached themselves from the tall juniper trees in the back yard. On the other hand I had a great lunch today, boiled moose head sandwiches. While others in the office ran for cover, I sat and enjoyed my sandwich.I know what you are wondering, and I will help. if you want the recipe so that you too can enjoy some fine Newfoundland cuisine, email me and I will send you the recipe (which is more of a process that involves one fresh moose head, a sharp knife (to skin the tongue) and onions) Let me know, I will share.


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