Life is…a poem to help a friend today


Life is not quiet, it is not peaceful, and it is sometimes a struggle

Life is a beginning, it is a celebration, and it is the first step to being with God

Life is a baby crying, children playing, people talking

Life is bills to pay, houses to build, cars honking

Life is kids growing, love happening, moments remembered

Life is picture taking, it is watching home movies, and it is birthdays

And it is love

The most misunderstood part of life is death

Death is the next step to living, and it is not the end

Death is a beginning, it is a celebration, and it brings us one step closer to the Lord

And it is love

This week has been a difficult one here at work. Two days ago, and old friend of mine passed away after one year of battling Pancreatic Cancer. He was only 42 years of age, and left to mourn his wife and children. His struggle was a tough one, filled with hope and disappointment and finally tragedy.

Today, my co-worker lost a dear friend of her family, her husband’s uncle. Being from a close family myself, I know how she must feel. I wrote the poem for the families of those people.

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