Irked on a Friday

While at the local Bank last evening, I witnessed an incident that really made me think. This lady stood at an ATM machine for a good five minutes, staring at the screen like she was waiting for her favorite soap opera to come on. She then took out her debit card, (complete with the password written clearly on the front of the card with a sharpie marker) and tried to force the debit card into the slot where the money would come out. An onlooker told her that she had to put the debit card into the correct slot, which she then managed to do.

The welcome screen came on, startled the hell out of her, and caused her yet more confusion. Another five minutes passed as impatient onlookers (such as myself) waited for her to complete the transaction. Having only one ATM machine working is bad enough, but having to wait twenty minutes for someone to make a transaction, while there were several HUMAN tellers waiting at the counter is just annoying.

When she finally got to the stage to deposit her money, She put the actual money (bills and later coins) into the deposit slot, but not in an envelope, just in the slot, causing the machine to jam up and go into safe mode. Twenty five minutes waiting, and NOBODY could use the ATM machine. I passed there this morning, and it is still broke, plus the lady lost her money she tried to deposit, at least for the time being…lesson here? If you don’t know how to use an ATM machine, and you see me behind you, in an outrageous hurry, please go and use the old type of banking system…The HUMAN kind!!!! GEESH!

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