the more things change the more they remain the same: a list

This fall, I find myself with yet another of life’s challenges, working at a high school.Not just any high school, but the high school I graduated from thirty one years ago. as a former student, I can list many changes that I see, but as I did not realize, there are many similarities as well.

  1. Being good at sports is still a great status symbol, but not quite as important as it was while I attended high school (I sucked at sports)
  2. Despite the fact that bullying is not tolerated, it still exists. Bullying has evolved into many forms, such as cyber-bullying, verbal bullying, and of course, the one I was most familiar with back in the old days, physical bullying. I have to admit, I was probably the test mule for all types of bullying, which usually led to spending entire class time barred in my locker, head first in a trash can, or hiding somewhere so the school bully could not find me. I was also bullied by the teachers, particularly the Gym teacher.
  3. Speaking of teachers, they are still good looking. When I was in school, I crushed on many of my teachers, and judging from the teaching staff at this school, today’s teens are no different.
  4. The school itself has not changed much. The trim and colors are different, but the overall structure remains the same. I knew my way around the first day of work, despite the fact that I often get lost in my own home sometimes…go figure.
  5. The students. The students have changed, but you still have the same groups, such as the ‘cool/in crowd’ who smoke, are always in the office or in detention; the geeks (my old crowd); the bullies; the jocks; and the kids who didn’t fit into any of the above. Like I said, some things never change.
  6. The curriculum. While students of today have more choices, it seems like their attitudes towards the curriculum has remained the same. Most students still hate school. I actually enjoy it now ( I hated it back in the day, particularly to bullying!)
  7. Cafeteria food. Sadly, this has not changed at all, still the same aftersmell.(think I just made up a new word, aftersmell, but that is what it is–Hours after the food is all gone, the smell lingers)

There you see it, school today is virtually the same as it was all the way back to 1980, when I vowed never to enter the doors of this building again…funny how things change!

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