Where is the rest of my chocolate bar?

I was craving for a chocolate bar this evening. I know, a ‘no no’ when you are diabetic, but hey, we are human too. I dropped into the gas station on my way home from work and there and behold, right in front of me, was a huge rack of chocolate bars. I was so excited about eating a chocolate bar (my girlfriend was not around to explain how dangerous it was to eat chocolate when you are diabetic) that I grabbed the first one that was familiar to me, the Dairy Milk with Fruit and Nut. Mmmmmm!

Getting back to the car, I quickly unwrapped this little package of sweetness and devoured it slowly, being sure not to miss the magical sensations that chocolate is rumored to expel. I was surprised at how quickly it disappeared.  I was also disappointed at how much I did not enjoy this little snack. Hell, there was nothing to it, just a few squares of mostly raisin and only a microscopic piece of peanut. I was ripped off!

I come from a time where you could buy a bar, a coke and a bag of chips for a quarter, so spending a buck fifty on this tiny candy bar did nothing to impress me or my craving for chocolate. I know what you are thinking, a quarter for all that food? This person must be from the stone age. Not so, I am less than half a century old, and still remember going to the convenience store with fifty cents, coming home with a Bar Six, (remember those? Nowadays, it would probably be known as a ‘Bar three! You don’t get anything for your money these days) a bottle of Coke, (not one of those tiny bottles of watered down cola flavored syrup we find these days, but an acid filled if-you-shake-me-I-explode sodas that were so delicious back in the day) a bag of Hostess potato chips, (the ones in the foil bags that always tasted fresh and crispy and had enough salt to kill an elephant) a Hostess Twinky, (kids these days have no idea what I am talking about) and with the remaining ten cents, twenty Crystal candy (hard candy that was heavenly and stuck to your teeth and sometimes pulled out your fillings…awww to be a kid again).

As you can see, back in the good old days, you got ‘Bang for your buck’, even though a buck was difficult to come by. One would think that with today’s booming economy, a chocolate bar would be big enough to satisfy at least one craving. These days, they downsize a bar because it is better for you, but they charge you the same price as the full sized bar it used to be. You can buy ‘Family sized bars’, but who wants to buy one bar for the entire family? Plus this bar is twice the price as the single serving bar. I say they should do a chocolate bar inquiry, maybe then we can find out where the rest of my bar is.

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