Cher 2010

While watching the ACM awards last night…I’ve noticed that Cher must have passed away secretly, and the show’s producers didn’t want anyone to know. She was expected to make an appearance at the ACM’s, but instead, the  producers must have made a quick stop at the local wax museum, and visited the Cher exhibit. We were treated to something that closely resembled the Cher we all knew and loved from the early 90’s, but hey, we all age, and at some point, when we speak, our mouth should move. Her’s didn’t. I looked closely, to see if I could see where they hid the speaker, but they were clever enough to hide it well. Also, when we walk, our legs should also  move. Her’s didn’t. It was almost like she slid out like….like…like she was being wheeled out.  They were also pretty slick with the dolly they used to cart her out. They must have taken advantage of the black backdrop and some sort of special effects to pull off this masquerade. Leave it to showbusiness!

I used to be a fan of Cher, way back when she was with Sonny. When she made her first comeback, she was still hot, but after the second and third comebacks, things changed. I believe this was due to the numerous plastic surgeries she has undergone, to attempt to ‘stay young’. I remember back in the late 90’s, she was rumored to have had ‘Ass cheek implants’. Wow! the miracles of modern science can now give a person a plastic ass. I wonder how her life changed thanks to her plastic ass? …getting back to the blog, her whole body appeared to have been made from a high-tech plastic, or even worst, Wax. I hope the heat wasn’t turned too high, or we may have experienced meltdown. But seriously, did you notice?

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