Breakfast and Diabetes

Perhaps the most difficult meal for a diabetic has to be breakfast. I was raised on the classic eggs (even though I hated them) bacon and toast. Now, as a diabetic, I am urged to choose healthier alternatives. Of course, this not only sucks, it is also confusing. Do I eat a fried breakfast? Do I eat cereal? What in the hell can I eat that doesn’t kill me?

Nutritionists recommend a balanced breakfast. What does this mean? For the answers to those questions, I used Google. On most of the sites I found, they recommended a meal consisting of mostly grains such as Wheat or Barley. How do I use this information? Do I find the nearest farm, and share breakfast with the cow? That’s the gist of it. On the other hand, many of the ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals out there claim that they provide all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for a ‘balanced’ breakfast. Did you ever read the ingredients on these things?   All the ‘tasty’ ones are filled with sugar. I used to love Capt’n Crunch, but I seriously doubt that this cereal is recommended for diabetics. I used to eat Cheerios, but again, except for the whole grain variety, sugar is the main ingredient. Even the ‘healthy’ cereals are filled with sodium, which is equally bad for diabetics, and for everyone in general. About the healthiest thing in some of those cereals is the toy inside the box! Oh well, this morning, I said to hell with balanced, and had a good old breakfast from my childhood…Pancakes….Beans and weiners…and Turkey bacon…see, I am still eating a bit healthy. Turkey bacon is low in fats and carbohydrates.

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