People who don’t fully clear snow from their cars

It was snowing this morning. Yes, it is April 16, but for some reason, someone up there (in the heavens) thought it would be funny to cover the town with a blanket of wet sloppy snow. I am not laughing. Anyway, back to the pet peeve.  We were out this morning, doing some shopping, when this idiot came at us in full force, almost hit the two of us in our little black Chevy Cobalt. It turns out that this genius forgot to clean the snow from his car. There he drove, with an eyehole resembling that of a tank, only big enough for one eye, and at full rush, he maneuvered in and around us and a few other lucky motorists. For the love of God….it only takes a few minutes to clear snow (especially the sloppy wet stuff) from your windshield and back window. Oh, forgot, he didn’t have the back window cleared either…That’s it, another annoyance that I have to manage to live with…People..your cars are not TANKS! Clean the window off for heaven’s sake! That’s All!

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