Headfirst in the Books

I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to take part in one of my favorite activities…Reading. I have always had a love affair with books. As a child, I truly cherished my Little Golden Books. I carried them everywhere I went, and treasured each and every one of them. I would still have those books, if my younger brother would not have eaten them on me. Apparently he liked books too, but as a food item for his growing molars.

In the fifth grade, I had a teacher who also loved books, and of forcing her younger students to read. She gave us a booklist of over 200 titles, and being the type of person to act without fully reading and understanding instructions, I read 200 books in six months. No wonder I wear glasses now! And I didn’t read books aimed at fifth grade; instead, I found myself lost in books by George Orwell and Isaac Asimov.  My schoolmates laughed when they seen me read “Animal Farm”, and ‘Mouse on the Moon’, without realizing that these books were not the childhood books they were reading.

Through the years, I continued reading whenever I got a chance. this gave me a heads up when a blockbuster movie came out, as I probably read the novel version years before the movie was even thougth of. As a trekkie, I got lost in stories the TV and movie storylines could only dream of, as I read every Star Trek novel that came out. How many visits to the city did I make to buy an armful of books each month? I did not care to be called a nerd or loser, because in those books, I could be anything I wanted to be.

A book reader has such a blessed life. No matter what is going on around us, the book reader can delve deep into a story, and be swept away to universes far far away. The reader can gallop into the sunset with a good L’Amour novel, or sail along the river in a Twain classic. As a reader, the sky is the limit to where you can go.

For every popular TV series, there is a collection of novels loosely based on the TV plotlines. I have not only read all the Star Trek books, I have also kept up to date with the original V (as well as the newer versions of this story), Gunsmoke books, and even Little House books. Reading gives me such a great feeling, like a lifetime of experiences, without even leaving the room. I highly recommend reading.

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