Automatic Toilets *Warning, Bathroom type language

they have the dumbest thing here at work…automatic toilets. these things never work right. when I enter the stall, the damn thing automatically flushes twice. when I start lining the seat ( I do that here because you never know whose butt sits on the seat or where that butt was before it sat there) the toilet flushes another time. when I actually sit on the seat, it flushes again. when the job is finally done, it won’t flush! there I stand, waving my hand across the sensor light, hoping to set the flusher on, and nothing. only once I leave the bathroom, I hear a flushing sound in the distance…How far we have come, can’t even flush by ourselves. Equally annoying is the automatic soap dispenser. Ever since having this amazing convenience, I enter other bathrooms, and put my hand under the dispenser, waiting for non existent soap to magically appear. We are so lazy as a civilation.

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