Good communication is definitely the key…..

Then there was the time I was working on a student project that involved clearing and burning brush. We had to clear some land for the College, and burn the branches. It was a Thursday, and we wanted to get the job done for Friday evening. There were five of us working on the project, Calvin to cut the brush, Roxanne to gather it, Stanley to haul it to the burning site, Dwayne to start and oversee the fire, and me to rake the embers into the fire.

It was almost the end of the day, and we had a huge pile of brush. Dwayne threw some gasoline on the fire (a dangerous thing to do) and lit it. We were amazed at how quick the dry brush began to burn, and in no time, we had created a large inferno. We agreed to let the fire burn overnight, as it was set up in a large gravel pit with absolutely no grass anywhere.

The next morning, we arrived to find that the fire appeared to have gone out through the night. Dwayne immediately, without anyone’s knowledge voted to climb on top the pile of somewhat burned brush, armed with a plastic gasoline can, and pour gas on the pile. Unbeknownst to me, I noticed some embers that were still burning, and kicked them over to the pile and……BOOM

Despite the fact that we were working miles from home, Mom still says that she can remember the explosion. The pile burst into flames, throwing Dwayne at least 10 feet from where he stood. The plastic gasoline can looked like a crazy carpet, as the explosion flattened it out to a solid sheet of plastic. We were really lucky that no one was hurt, but this just goes to show what happens without proper communication…


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