if you see Kay

If you see Kay, tell her to relax. She has been complaining as  of late that she feels used. She should feel used, as she is the most used slang word in the English language!  Try to assure her that she is quite a versatile individual. I mean, how else does one use the same word to describe what they did last night with their spouse (we fucked), what they would like to  do to someone else’s spouse (I would love to fuck your wife), or basically to procreate. It can be used to describe a totally idiotic individual (dumb fuck), to express your disgust for someone or  something (you are a fucking dumbass) , or to do exactly the opposite (Your wife is fucking gorgeous!)

For some, the word Fuck serves as vocal punctuation, and is often used so often that we forget that we hear it. Fuck can be used to make a command clearer to  the listener…’Get the Fuck out of here’ works far better than ‘could you please leave’.

When we get excited, we use the word as well. (I can’t fucking believe it, I just won the fucking lottery….or  I just fucked your  fucking wife!) It can  also be used to express fear. (I didn’t mean that I fucked your fucking wife) or sorrow, (I think I just fucked up!)

My cousin Delbert used the word fuck in such a different way. You see Delbert had a speech impediment. He couldn’t say ‘fuck’. Instead of fuck, he used to say ‘Pug’. “Pug Off you pugging bastard…” Same effect, different word.  Needless to say, Delbert got beat up a lot, especially when he told bullies to ‘pug off and get the pug outta here!’

One has to wonder just where this very used word came from. I first checked my old Webster’s dictionary, the one I used while in grade school. No such word. I guess only wholesome words were in dictionaries back then.  I remember finding the word ‘fornicate’ in the dictionary and laughing my ass off. ‘Fuck’ is so much easier to say and even easier to spell.

Next I went to the web. The Urban  dictionary offered a ton  of info, such  as usage and examples used in sentences, but no real answer  to the word’s  origin. Then I found Wiktionary. The website, an online ‘wiki’ slash dictionary offered many possibilities.

The website had no proof, but it offered many possibilities to the word’s origin. “undetermined, but probably from Middle English *fucken*fukken, of North Germanic origin, related to dialectal Norwegian fukka (“to copulate; fuck”), Swedish fokka (earlier “to fuck; thrust; push”, nowadays focka (“to fire from work”)), Swedish fock (“penis”), and Middle Dutch (and Modern Dutch) fokken (“to breed”). It may go back to the Proto-Indo-European *pug-*puǵ- (“to strike”)”…WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!!!

What was that? Fuck may have come from  the word ‘Pug’ meaning ‘to strike’? Hey,  Delbert was right all along. Pugging insane! Who the pug would have thought that the little horned rimmed glasses wearing school uniform dressed functionally illiterate loser would have had the  answer all along? Not me, that’s for pugging sure!

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5 Responses to if you see Kay

  1. El Guapo says:

    Careful! You might out-Kyajai Kayjai herself with this one.

    I’m one of those who uses it so often it almost loses meaning. But I can still boost it with tone when I need to.

  2. Kayjai says:

    I read this today at work on my phone and went “is that me?!” Hahaha…. Great post, Ted and I’m not just saying that cause it referenced me…okay, maybe just a bit. Thanks!

  3. whiteladyinthehood says:

    SnB, you are so funny.

  4. Archon's Den says:

    That was puggin’ hilarious! :D

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